A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What is it?
This is a classic Space Invaders videogame without any graphic motor (and without sound), this only use default Java libraries. The game never ends.

You can control the spaceship pushing keyboard arrows right and left, and you attack pushing spacebar.

Programming and develop
Sergio Martín ( @sermmor)

More information about this game
This was the first videogame that I did. I did this project in May 2013 in a weekend (I didn't know anything about gamedevelop when I did). My code is free (GNU GPLv3 License) and you can see or download it from my github.

Install instructions

You'll need install Java SE to play it. After that, you can click in exe or jar file.


SpaceInvadersExe.zip 45 kB
SpaceInvadersJar.zip 26 kB